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Looking for poster light boxes?

Light boxes are proven to be an extremely effective advertising tool for small businesses advertising their products, to large corporations promoting their brand names.

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Shop light boxes - the popular shopping centre signage

The practice of illuminating posters is a rising trend and an increasingly popular signage solution with most retailers. In every shopping centre you visit today, you'll see a wide variety of different models and sizes of light boxes.

Retailers using light box signage are rewarded with the best exposure for their posters. Compared to traditional poster displays, illuminated signs are far more attention grabbing and are better defined in both dimly lit as well as the brightest of environments.

The technology used in these units produces an incredibly even distribution of light with no black spots or hot spots, ensuring your posters are lit to their full potential.

Choose from a variety of applications such as free standing, ceiling mounted, wire suspended, wall projecting, wall recessed or mounted on a variety of display stands.

We are a light box sign manufacturer that manufacture a wide variety of poster light boxes according to standard poster sizes. Custom made light boxes can be also be manufactured in a variety of designs, colours and dimensions for your specific illuminated display requirements. Our A3 light box is a popular smaller size we supply regularly and our clients often use it as a portable light box.

Capture your customer’s attention with the advantage of dynamic round-the-clock advertising. Bring life to restaurant menus, shop windows, cosmetic displays, exhibitions and cinemas, to name but a few.

Snapper light boxes

Snapper light boxes have been manufactured in Australia since 1999. Our range of back-lit light boxes and edge-lit light boxes can be seen all over the bigger cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

We are one of the largest supplier of lightboxes in Australia and we stock a huge variety of high quality slimline light boxes and illuminated sign boxes in our warehouse for quick distribution throughout Australia, including Western Australia, Victoria, NSW, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, Australian Capital Territories and Northern Territory.

Snapper Display Systems produces large format slimline light boxes suitable for a variety of graphic needs and architectural demands. These large format slimline light boxes can be lit using LEDs thus saving you 70% on your electricity usage and even more if you take into account the low heat signature of the light box means less work for you air conditioning unit.

Our light boxes are a trusted brand and are used by some of the largest companies throughout Australia to light up their brands and show off their products. Our range of light boxes will display your poster in the best light possible which will draw customers into your store.

Custom light boxes

Not only does Snapper Display Systems stock a range of standard sized slimline light boxes in a huge warehouse for immediate despatch for lighting up your advertising light boxes or signs. We also make custom sized light boxes right here in Australia to meet your exact needs in a timely and economical fashion.

No matter if it is a small or large light box, or if it is a free standing or wall mounted light box, or if it is a back-lit or edge-lit light box, or if it is a LED light box or fluorescent lit light box, Snapper Display Systems has the solution for you.

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Slimline light boxes

Light boxes are a valuable business asset and are the most cost efficient marketing and advertising tool a business can use to promote their products. We at Snapper Display Systems are constantly striving to upgrade our products by using the latest technology to light up your posters as brightly as possible with infinitely even light distribution at the most economical price with the lowest carbon footprint. Snapper uses the most up to date technology in its LEDs, power supplies and light guide panels in order to achieve these goals.

In our factory we manufacture multi faced slimline executive light boxes as well as the thin LED edge-lit Aurora19 for use in menu boards. To further help fast food retailers change their posters as quickly and easily as possible, we have designed a hinged magnetic faced menu board especially for use in this quick paced environment. No longer is changing posters a chore. No longer do you have to be concerned with employees getting hurt or equipment getting damaged when the front overlay is dropped. No longer will staff have to climb up ladders to change the posters in the light boxes.

In the new hinged Aurora19 LED edge-lit light box, the front clear overlay is permanently attached to the frame. Simply peel away the front overlay at the bottom using the specially designed tab and slide in the new poster from the bottom edge.

Our range of free standing frameless fabric series light boxes can be either lit as single side or as double sided light boxes. These bright canvas displays are lit using the latest LEDs to give you a bright display at a low cost. The frameless fabric light box series is easy to set up, posters are easily changed and the light boxes can be mounted on castors for ease of placement.

We are the manufacturers of a range of light boxes using snap or clip frames for easy poster change. The slimline executive snap frame light boxes can be backlit using either fluorescent tubes or LEDs and can either have a single face for one large poster or multiple faces such as used in menu boards. The thin UniLite18 is also a snap frame light box. This unit is edge lit using the brightest of LEDs.

Snap frame style light boxes are extremely popular for lighting up advertising posters. Not only are they quick and easy to use for changing posters, your customers are not normally aware of how they work and vandalism is normally not an issue.

Large outdoor light boxes

Snapper Display Systems also manufactures and supplies a wide range of stylish key lockable waterproof/weatherproof light boxes with hinged doors that can be used either indoors or outdoors in areas where you want to ensure your posters are not vandalised. For large light boxes and billboards we are able to offer the Jumbo light box or the Frameless Fabric Series light box for your illuminated signage. Both of these styles of light boxes can be offered in a variety of options, back-lit, edge-lit, LED, fluorescent lighting. Light boxes of this style can vary from a thin 35mm up to 150mm for a double sided unit. We are able to supply both double and single sided light thin LED light boxes for use on counter tops.

We are well known as a manufacturer of some of the thinnest light boxes in the world and keep stock of A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4 light boxes. Slimline light boxes in custom sizes or custom colours are no problem to manufacture and can be despatched from our factory warehouse in a few short days.

Snapper Display Systems has the largest range of LED light boxes in Australia. LEDs are extremely economical to run and the technology in manufacturing LEDs is changing all the time. LEDs are getting cheaper to manufacture and their illumination levels now rival those of fluorescent tubes or bulbs.

We at Snapper Display Systems have been manufacturing slimline LED edge lit light boxes for many years and recently we introduced a new back-lit system using LEDs. At this stage this backlit LED light box is a little more expensive than traditional fluorescent light boxes, but they use 1/3 of the power and are equally bright. This initial cost is quickly offset by a savings in power usage.

Another great benefit with this new system is the design allows for easy replacement of the LED lighting strips, although that should hardly be necessary as LEDs have a reported lifespan of 50 000hrs.

LEDs are becoming more recognised as a lighting source in light boxes and very shortly fluorescent tubes will be phased out completely. Snapper Display Systems also has the ability to build light boxes with dimmers, chasing lights, fading lights as well as flashing lights and in a variety of coloured lights.

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LED Edge-Lit Technology

LED light boxes are extremely versatile in this regard. LEDs (light emitting diodes) are an increasingly popular alternative to already energy efficient fluorescent tubes to illuminate posters.

Some of the benefits of LED light boxes include the following:

  • Long life expectancy in excess of 50,000 hours, giving years of continuous use
  • Produce extremely low heat emissions, which makes them extremely safe to use
  • Improved robustness and durability
  • Safe operating voltage of 12 volt
  • Do it yourself installation
  • Very small carbon footprint